Welcome to G. Bush Financial Services

Welcome to G. Bush Financial Services

Welcome to G. Bush Financial ServicesWelcome to G. Bush Financial Services

About Us


Small Business Solutions

We provide benefit plans tailored to the employer's needs.  Drawing from a wealth of industry knowledge, we use a range of insurance and self-insurance products to create customized plans for our clients.


The Process

 G. Bush Financial Services is a full service, professional agency specializing in all aspects of employee benefits. We combine the best available cost-effective products with impeccable customer service.Our expertise is in building and maintaining comprehensive employee benefit plans. 

Our objective is to develop a competitive benefit package specialized to fit each company’s individual needs. So whether your company needs a major overhaul, or just a tune-up, we can assist you in providing one or all of your employee benefits.

The core priority of G. Bush Financial Services is to maintain the integrity of your benefit plans through excellent service. From assisting employees with filing claims, to supporting company administrators with payroll deductions – we will be there to assist in any way possible. 


Contact Us

Garth Bush

CADA Associate

Employee Benefits Specialist

Phone: 613-791-3677 

E-mail: benefits@garthbush.com